Monday, August 25, 2008

Online Poetry Course with Kirsten Andersen

Hi Everyone. My friend Kirsten Andersen is teaching a great poetry class through the Stanford Online Continuing Studies this Fall. Kirsten is way smart, talented, and enthusiastic, and this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to write six or more poems for their MFA portfolio. And it's all online! More info below. -- Tom

The Craft of Poetry: Let’s Begin (Online Course) (EGL 103 W)
Do you enjoy reading and writing poetry? Do you want to write your own poems but find it difficult to begin? This course will serve as a dynamic introduction to the foundational structures of poetry writing.

We will consider a wide variety of poetic styles and themes, and address the use of meter, rhyme, and other sonic qualities in peer-driven discussions. Students will use the course readings as reference points in the creation of their own work, and everyone will put together a manuscript of ten to twelve new poems.

Students will receive detailed comments on their drafts from the instructor, and have the opportunity to view and critique one another’s work. The course will include brief reading assignments, group discussion, and weekly guided-writing exercises.

Please note: This is an online course.
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Kirsten Andersen
Stegner Fellow
Kirsten Andersen received an MFA from New York University, and her work has been published in the Notre Dame Review, Fourteen Hills, Barrow Street, Greensboro Review, and other journals. Andersen has been awarded grants from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Edward Albee Foundation. She was a 2003 writing fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.


Ann said...

Has anyone actually taken any online writing courses through Stanford's Continuing Studies, or other programs? I would love to hear about them.

Raina said...

I'd definitely love to know the same. Also, UCLA seems to have some great writing courses online too ( Anyone ever done the Stanford or UCLA online writing courses? what was the experience like? Any advice for anyone interested in taking one of these courses?


Alex said...

I took a Stanford class last year (Humor in Fiction). I've also taken several other online workshops.

Without a doubt the Stanford class was the best. Also the most expensive, but my instructor put so much time and effort in, and my classmates were so engaged, that it was worth the extra money.

We had a good reading list, well-managed class discussions of the material, and submitted 2 full stories along with weekly writing exercises. Pretty standard format for an online I said, it was more about how much time and energy everyone put into it.

But isn't that how workshops always are? Sometimes people click, sometimes they don't. It's probably like a stock selection: Past performance is no indication of future success.

writerwoman said...

I mentioned this at Poets Who Blog.

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