Monday, August 11, 2008

Raina Fields, MFA Blog Contributor

In May, Raina Fields graduated with a B.A. in Writing and Music. She received the Academy of American Poets award from LoCo (that's Loyola College for you folks) in 2007 and 2008. She has written and self-published a chapbook entitled A Mother Is… available from and has published poems in Gargoyle and apt.

After deciding not to apply to graduate school right out of college, she is now beginning the process from scratch (though she’s been doing research on programs for more than a year). She has relocated to her hometown of Philadelphia and now dabbles in arts management, public relations, and marketing for a living.

She is applying to both full-time and low-residency programs for Fall 2009 and wouldn't have considered low-residency programs if not for "this damn recession." She hopes to lend hope to those starting the daunting process of applying to creative writing programs (GRE, low-residency, funding, oh my!)

Raina loves food, jazz, trashy reality TV, and poetry. She wishes one day to figure out the secret to fiction writing. You can e-mail her at raina.fields *at*


Elizabeth Tussey said...

I'm looking forward to your contributions as I'm currently in the same boat. Good luck and happy writing!

aliyaa said...

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