Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Elizabeth Tussey, MFA Blog Contributor

Elizabeth Tussey is a recent graduate of Kent State University where she majored in English and minored in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After graduation Elizabeth traveled to Germany for a month to complete her English teaching practicum. She loves traveling and has been to twelve countries within the last year and a half.

She has a forthcoming publication in Postcolonial Text (www.postcolonial.org). "Babel" was part of her senior honors thesis, a short story compilation entitled "No Fourth Wall."

Elizabeth is currently stuck in Ohio (the GRE ruined her life last year and she decided to take a year break before applying to grad school). She works as a tutor and occasional ESL instructor when she isn't applying to MFA programs and wandering around the nether regions of Appalachia attempting to make contact with Mothman. She hopes to provide a sympathetic voice to all the other MFA spring chickens out there as we face an uncertain future.