Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Sea Change in MFA Funding Information

I just wanted to mention to prospective MFA applicants that, in response to the recent article on MFA funding in Poets & Writers, countless MFA programs have changed their websites in order to better (and with greater specificity) detail their funding offerings. I note this partly to commend those programs for doing so, but as importantly to let current applicants know that returning to MFA websites you've visited in the past will in many cases yield new information. Programs which have, are, or will soon be updating their websites include: Penn State University, Virginia Tech University, Washington University at St. Louis, University of Illinois, Florida State University, Louisiana State University, Southern Illinois University, University of Mississippi, University of Houston, Purdue University, and many others.

I'm thrilled to see that we are (as I'd hoped) entering a new era in the field of MFA study, in which applicants are able to make informed decisions about MFA programs on the basis of data provided directly (and publicly) by the programs themselves.


Trokee said...
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Trokee said...

Yay Seth! You are wonderfully amazing.

aliyaa said...

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