Thursday, October 09, 2008

Three Writers Blog about their Post-MFA Experience

Hey Tom,

I know that after the MFA isn't nearly as sexy, but two other Montana MFAs and I are blogging about our attempts to keep the writing spice in our lives after graduation. We met and become BFFs our first week at TA camp, and now live in New Orleans, Chicago and Seattle.

We're all struggling to get work, get published and keep writing. I didn't know about your blog when I was applying, but read it now because I get MFAsick. If other grads are trawling around we invite visitors, commentary, etc. (Warning: material may be too sensitive for those yet to apply for advanced writing degrees).

The name of our blog is The Three Ps of Post-MFA '08 (Ph.D's, Publications and Panhandling)

Kelly Ferguson Trina Burke Laurie White


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