Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stanford's Online Writing Courses

Stanford Online Writing Courses - The Summer Lineup

Stanford Continuing Studies just opened up registration for its summer lineup of online writing courses. Offered in partnership with the Stanford Creative Writing Program, these online courses give beginning and advanced writers, no matter where they live, the chance to refine their craft with gifted writing instructors. The courses sell out quickly. For more information, click here, or separately check out the FAQ and the testimonials.

    Writing Creative Nonfiction with The New York Times -- CLOSED

    Writing Fiction with The New York Times -- CLOSED

    Writing the Creative Nonfiction Book: The Powerful Beginning, Sections one and two – CLOSED


    Short Story Writing

    Novel Writing: Structure for Success

    Bloodlines: Writing from Family History

    Introduction to Creative Writing

    Writing Short Fiction for Publications

    Finding Your Voice in Poetry and Prose

    The Art of Plot


Kevin said...

How do these classes compare to online workshops like Gotham?

Erini CS said...

Thanks for this info! Just enrolled in one of the courses.

Anonymous said...

Why only one poetry class, when it gets filled and closed as much as the others, even if not with the rapidity of the 8 dozen fiction and non-fiction writing courses? Actually, it's less than one, just a hybrid course called "Finding Your Voice in Poetry and Prose." Are the Stegner Fellows in poetry unavailable? I find this, this disregard for language and poetry, dismaying.

Brent Kerrigan said...

I'm close to completing my second course through Standford. Both have been fantastic and the instructors are top-notch.

Highly recommended -- hell, they should pay me to pimp for them like this! :)

Unknown said...

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