Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Their Own Words

Who among us doesn't enjoy reading writers on writing? So big thanks to Dwight Garner in today's New York Times for pointing out the wealth of authorial insights now available courtesy of the Paris Review's newly redesigned website. There you can find, free and accessible at a click, the complete set of interviews from the magazine's 57-year history. Whether commenting on craft or offering a glimpse into daily routines, the conversations run the gamut from the inspiring and thought-provoking to the surprising and, at times, surprisingly comforting. You can search by name, browse by decade, or start with Chinua Achebe and read through to Marguerite Yourcenar. Some are even featured twice Joan Didion, John Steinbeck, and William Styron, among others giving us a rare opportunity to see how their perspective changed through the years. Of course, many take a look back at their beginnings a welcome reminder that we all have to start somewhere.

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