Thursday, December 23, 2010

Add These Resources to Your Arsenal

Leave no stone unturned with these useful writing resources from around the blogosphere.

The Council of Writing Program Administrators is focused on developing and directing writing programs; although, I wonder whether or not the AWP has any connections. Is this a rogue organization? Someone else may have the answers. Anyhow, their website has a job board that you may find invaluable.

We’ve previously mentioned The Owl that works for Purdue. Here’s a stodgier version that’s put out by The Writing Center of Harvard. The writing topics, such as Transitioning: Beware of Velcro, can come in handy with your next batch of green writers.

Interested in writing for magazines (and the magazine publishing world)? FOLIO has the latest industry news and some job listings on its nifty site.

Erika Dreifus has a plethora of little tidbits, job listings, and information on her informative site.


Inheritx Solutions said...

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Unknown said...

There are so many great tools out there. I just started using SEOMoz's FreshWebExplorer and it's a great way to keep tabs on what people are saying about your brand. I even found a few sites for clients where they were mentioned but didn't have a direct link back, so that was a quick and easy link building win! More info at this web site.