Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010-11 Application Response Data Bank

You can find it here. A few quick (but important) notes about it:

1. Once you're in the Data Bank, search for new application responses by pressing "Ctrl+F" and then entering "2011." This should cycle you through all 2011 entries in the Data Bank.

2. Please do read the introduction to the Data Bank post, as it explains not only what all the symbols mean but also how to properly (and without significant damage to your psyche) use the Data Bank.

3. Please consider mentioning which programs you applied to at least once in the comment thread for the Data Bank, whether you are adding an entry yourself or simply commenting on others' posts.

4. Please consider donating to The Suburban Ecstasies if you're going to be using the Data Bank or other TSE resources on a regular basis. It's certainly not required, but it would be a nice way to recognize the effort behind the site and the data.  PayPal is secure and does not require a PayPal account.

5. You can add your own data to the Data Bank by commenting in the comment fields. Please be courteous to others in your comments and responses!


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