Thursday, February 21, 2013

Applications, Etc. Part 3

Keep it coming!  And the best of luck to everyone!


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mfetterm said...

I heard back yesterday afternoon, but I was told that not all acceptances have been notified yet.

Jamie III said...
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S.A. Rivkin said...


It's my understanding that UCB is still reading. I'm fairly positive that decisions wont be made until next week at the earliest.

mfetterm said...
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Evan Corl said...


Arizona State or University of Arizona? Also, did you find out through email or snail mail? Thanks!

SnackAttack said...

Good morning, hungry hippos!

Remember: if someone here or on any of the other sites says something to the tune of "all acceptances and waitlists have already been notified", take it with a grain of salt. There have been two instances (mostly likely more) of this being proven wrong.

Unless you have an official rejection from the school, it is not over until it's over...and that may not be till April 15th. If you've heard nothing from the school and it's past their notification time as published on their website, politely contact them.

Stay sane!

YOUNG said...

First time poster! Like a lot of you it's just gotten to me, the waiting that is. I am waiting on only McNeese because for some reason I want to go there so very badly, which is weird because I am from Saratoga NY and I have never been to the south but hey, that's how I do things. Has anyone heard from them or know when they are notifying people? I've seen some other people on here are also waiting to hear from that school, any news?

inandoftheworld said...

First time applicant --

Got a Hollins waitlist email Friday! I'm happy because it's the school I have the biggest crush on. It's an unranked waitlist so who the heck knows.

Does anyone know anything on the four below?

UC Boulder
Notre Dame
Florida International

Unknown said...

Acceptance this morning to University of Maryland via e-mail to check status update.

Here's the play-by-play:

Hamline (acceptance)
Cornell (rejection)
UMass Amherst (rejection)
Wyoming (rejection)
University of Maryland (acceptance)
Hunter (presumed rejection)
Syracuse (not holding my breath)
BU (won't know either way for another month--I could be dead by then)

Unknown said...

By the way, I'm applying for fiction.

Melissa Jenks said...

Like so many, I'm a first time poster, but I've been reading since I first thought about applying in 2008, when I was 30. Now I'm 35, and finally got around to applying to five schools:

Michener - DENIED (that's what it said when I logged onto the site)
Iowa - no, March Fourth is a nice touch
Michigan - seems as if people may have been receiving acceptance notifications? It'd actually be my second no, as I submitted there two years ago.)

When I met with the director of the program at Ann Arbor, she said that a poet got in that year after applying for four years in a row. March forth indeed. Here, in northern Maine, with eighteen inches of snow fallen yesterday, it's banana-nut bread, Canadian Mist, and ramen bolstering me.

Unknown said...

@SA, your posts here have been keeping me sane. Thank you.


Thank you.

SnackAttack said...

That just gave me goosebumps. I'm so pleased. Thank you, triple B.

Psst...Melissa's got banana nut bread.

Megan said...


I did my undergrad at OSU in creative writing and loved it. Stillwater is like Neverland... no better place to be. Let me know if you have questions.

In other news, accepted to Columbia College Chicago for fiction! Via snail mail, today (or maybe yesterday). I'll take it!

Ploi Pirapokin said...

@Tecumseh Valley:

1. Do you know (or can you find out) when SFSU will let applicants know about admission?

- I heard back from mine at the end of February but my friends who got into the program heard there's back in March and April. The reason I knew sooner was because I'm an international student and I need to get my visa sorted. Sometimes they call you (they called me) so keep your phone alert but it will most likely be a letter.

2. Can you elaborate on "the new team of staff we're hiring"? New faculty?

-My bad. I jumped the gun there. We are currently recruiting new staff and since they aren't technically hired yet I can't be like "Oh! And now we have THIS person!" let's just say there's going to be an emphasis on non-fiction as well and comic short stories with professors who are really in touch with the writing world/publishing scene. I will have to commend Chanan Tigay though (a great professor) who lets us skype authors we're reading in class and pose to them questions about craft, the writing life etc.

3. Is it the case that no students get funding at SFSU? Or do some teach as TAs and earn modest stipends with tuition wavers?

- Funding at SFSU is not easy to get unless you have a Cal Grant, a scholarship of some sort, or you are a CA resident. Our school has a thing called "GIA" which is what you have to do PRIOR to being a "TA" and that's not a paid position but TAs do get paid.

Since I'm an international student and not a US citizen I pay the same out-of-state tuition as out-of-states student pay which is considerably cheaper than any private school I go to. Here are my two cents about the financial aspect of any grad school:

1. If you're going to go into debt, think carefully if this is something you can feasibly pay off and whether it's a good investment of your time commitment.

2. A lot of MFAs at state want to BE in San Francisco and it's a great place to be as a writer. The community is so supportive of readings, working outside of just writing fiction and you really experience what it's like to be a WRITER post-MFA. I think the benefit of a smaller school like Massachusetts or Iowa is you live and breathe writing and for 2 years or so you live shut out from the world whereas in SF you can still get a job, freelance for a start up, mold your correlative into something you might want to do inconjunction with your writing.

Hopeful said...

First time applicant too. Got waitlisted for CNF at UNC Wilmington earlier today. Any ideas on the likelihood of being accepted off a waitlist?

Unknown said...

Hi there. Just wanted to throw a question to you guys. I recently received a phone message from a faculty at NYU; I'm applying for their Dramatic Writing program. They left a message asking whether I'm still interested in being wait listed and also wanted to know what I was up to.

Well, I did a little preparation and called him earlier today. All he wanted answered was weather I still wanted to be included in the wait list. I said yes and thought he'd ask me some activities I've been up to since applying. He didn't. He just wanted an answer to his one simple question, said he'd let the office know right away, and we said our goodbyes.

Is this a little odd to you guy? Couldn't an email have sufficed? I mean, WTF? I got my hopes up thinking I got in since I got a personal phone call. Have you experienced something like this from other schools you've been wait listed for? Any help would be great. Thanks!

Theatre Geek said...

If you haven't heard from McNeese, you didn't get into the program. I called John Griswold. He finally returned my call. All acceptances have been sent and people have accepted and filled any open positions.

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