Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scholarships in Britain for U.S. Students?

Anyone have advice for "Big Fan of Henry James"?

I am a lecturer in Creative Writing at a British university. Some very interesting writers among the applicants to our taught masters' in Creative Writing are US citizens, but our government funding is for British and EU nationals only, ORSAS scholarships are for research degree schemes only, and Rotary scholarships exclude anyone who has studied abroad in our country -- including those applicants who studied at this institution as undergraduates and want to continue. So do you or your readers know of any scholarships -- other than the Marshall and Chevening -- for which American CW postgrads in the UK would be eligible, please?

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Gordon said...

you can get stafford and plus loans for school abroad. i just threw together an article about it for about going to school in canada. no government grants though.