Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sending Early; Postcards

Whoa, I am suddenly surprised and scared to see that Fear&Loathing has already sent writing samples to some programs. I feel like it's too soon. The timeline I set up is to have my samples and applications arrive around 3 weeks to a month before the deadline... december due dates in November, January due dates in December, etc.

--Is that soon enough? Should I be sending things sooner? I have my recommenders lined up, I'm studying for the GREs, my tentative writing sample of poems is out with friends/readers and I'm about to start drafting my personal statement... I thought I was in pretty decent shape based on what you had outlined in the MFA handbook, but Fear&Loathing makes me nervous. Is there any benefit to sending things this early?

Thanks, as always...


Unless the program says there is an advantage (I don't know, are there any early admissions policies out there?), there is no advantage that I know of. I think most committees put off the process of selection for as long as possible.

That said, make sure you get it in on time. And send a SAS Postcard, so you know they received them.

Speaking of postcards, Post Secret is really great this week. Check it out.

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Fear&Loathing said...

This is Fear&Loathing. First, stop worrying. I'm doing enough worrying for the both of us. The deadline that programs publish is the only deadline that matters. Second, Fear&Loathing is sending out things early because he can't in December. (Too early because he's not proofing his writing samples well enough). Third, most people have found success doing what Fear&Loathing doesn't do.

Good luck with the application process! Fear&Loathing doesn't usually have any.