Monday, October 23, 2006

TK's Article in Poets and Writers; Florida Program

I've got an article in the latest Poets and Writers. It's a general overview of the whole "Where do I apply?" MFA sweepstakes. P&W also has what they're calling The MFA Toolkit, that you can access online too. It's definitely worth your while to check out.

Also, William Logan of the University of Florida MFA Program writes in with a clarification about the MFA article, and I'm happy to print it here. The financial information about UF is available here.

Dear Tom,

Thanks for the nice things you've been saying about UF. Could I make some corrections? The MFA program is small to midsize, each year admitting 7-9 students in each genre. All students receive teaching assistantships (and have for the past fifteen years--your piece in Poets & Writers suggested we were remiss). This comes with a significant tuition waiver of instate tuition (all TAs are treated as instate students)--the total tuition bill over the two years of the program is about $3000 (that's total). Incoming students usually receive a $1000 fellowship in addition. Our policy has always been to try to give everyone the same funding. We know what it's like at places that don't.

If you have any questions about the program, I'd be glad to answer them.

Cheers, William

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