Sunday, January 28, 2007

Visiting Schools?

A question from Escape from Brooklyn

As someone who just applied to 11 nonfiction MFA programs, I am somewhat
apprehensive about knowing when to visit. Should I visit my favorite
programs before I am accepted at any? Will the professors refuse to meet
with me, since they're still pouring over applications? Will I have enough
time to visit once I am accepted, or will I have to confirm my attendance
too soon to arrange travel? I'd have to fly to my top four choices in order
to visit.

What is everyone else planning to do?

TK: I think you’ll run into problems getting to see professors. They won’t want to talk to students who are currently applying. You’ll likely have about two weeks to decide, once you are accepted, so that leaves you some time. My overall advice: if some schools are within driving distance, pay a visit. You can get a feel for the campus and the town. Overall though, don’t sweat this. You can’t predict which schools will accept you and which will not, so it might be a wasted visit.

As you all know, there’s a chapter in the MFA Handbook called Decision Time, and there’s also an article in The Writer about this subject. Good luck to everyone, and please post comments about what you’ve decided to do. Thanks Escape.

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hmcd said...

I visited schools once I had been accepted, and thank god I did. My top choice school gave me a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. What I considered my "backup" school ended up being the place I chose to attend because I clicked with the students and faculty I met. I almost visited places before I applied, but that seems to be such a waste of time, money and effort, since acceptances can be so unpredictable.