Monday, July 16, 2007

Josette Torres, MFA Blog Contributor

Josette Torres is a native Hoosier, and as such, has a fundamental knowledge of basketball and the Indy 500.

After spinning in the orbit of Purdue University as an undergraduate student and a full-time employee in their information technology workgroup for seven years, she will be graduating in August with a bachelor's degree in creative writing and then immediately decamp to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend the MFA Creative Writing Program at Virginia Tech.

At Purdue, she was a three-time Literary Award recipient, won the 2007 Bell Tower Poetry Prize, was published in the Purdue Exponent Literary Edition, and is credited with discovering the perfect iced mocha (at Vienna Espresso Bar & Bakery in the Village).

She also holds a doctorate in Facebook and is a certified Library Book Sale Therapist [NOTE: neither of these facts are actually true.] She does not have a cat, but does own five (5) iPods.

She has been blogging since well before the mainstream media discovered blogging at Girl in Black. As a contributor to the MFA blog, she will be demonstrating how to completely walk away from an established life for the sake of writing and what to do next [Step 1: find a decent iced mocha, chillax].


Anonymous said...

Hoosiers represent!

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