Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mid-list programs (Sleeper Programs)

Hanna said...
I'm putting together a list of programs right now and I have had no problem finding top programs that I like. I am having a very hard time finding programs that look good but aren't uber competitive/top tier. Do you have any suggestions on good programs that aren't the most difficult to get into? I would like to balance out my grad school pool. Thank you for your help!

DL here:
It's smart to balance your apps pool with both top programs and then ones where the rest of us go. Partly though (as repeated in many other posts on the blog), you have to define for yourself exactly what you want from a program and look to see which ones are a fit for you. Keep in mind also that any decent program is going to have some level of competition to get in.

We've talked about a lot of programs on the blog. I suggest looking through the blog archives to see what specific schools have been mentioned. Lizzy put up an excellent re-post in August, "Yesterday's dish: Today's Neat Reheated Treat," that lists six good sleeper programs (I can't say enough good things about my experience at Purdue's program).

I've attached labels at the bottom of the post to make the search a little easier, although these labels were only started this summer, so, again, you may want to troll through the archives.

Anyone else have specific program suggestions for Hanna?

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Hanna K. said...

Thanks for the tags DL. I will definitely look through the archives.