Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Help: TV Scriptwriting Course

Hey, if you know anything about the TV Scriptwriting World, I could use your help.

At Stanford Continuing Studies, we're running a Television Scriptwriting Course, and we're looking for students. My friend Jeff Hoffman is the instructor, and he's a terrific teacher. I've got three weeks to find enough students to fill the class...

If you have an idea about a blog, website, listserve, anything, where we could the word out, I'd really appreciate you sending the information my way. You can leave it in the comments section, or email me at tom.kealey at Info about the course below.

In appreciation,
-- Tom

Writing for Television: The Basics (Online Course) (EGL 276 W)

The first step in any television writer's career is to write a "spec" episode or sample script of a currently running TV show. This course will prepare students to write their first TV spec scripts by introducing them to the business and practice of writing for television. What makes writing for television different from writing for the big screen? What do writers need to do to prepare themselves for a career in the industry? This course will focus especially on the structure of several one-hour dramas and examine the incredible amount of variation that can exist in such a rigidly structured writing environment. By the end of this online course, students will have selected a show to spec for and will have presented a story outline for an original episode.

This course does not require any previous television or screenwriting experience.

Created in close partnership with the Stanford Creative Writing Program, this online course will be useful for students looking to improve their craft. Because this course can be taken anywhere, anytime, it is designed to be attractive to those students who live far from campus, or who lead busy lives and can benefit from the flexibility of the online format. For more information about our online courses, please visit:

Jeff Hoffman
Former Stegner Fellow
Jeff Hoffman was a 2002 Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellow with Paramount Pictures. His work has won the screenplay competition at the Telluride IndieFest and has been optioned by Don Most (Happy Days, Ed TV). His plays have been seen in many theaters in the US and have been published by Vintage and Samuel French.

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