Friday, December 07, 2007

Stanford Online Courses

A heads-up if you're looking to take an online Creative Writing class beginning in January. I'm part of the team at Stanford University that manages a variety of offerings each quarter. They're terrific classes, many of which are taught by former Stegner Fellows. Check them out at:

-- Tom

Getting Started in Creative Writing(EGL 278 W)
Fiction Writing: Linked Stories(EGL 275 W)
Novels in Progress(EGL 277 W)
Food Writing: The LIterary Gourmet (EGL 243 W)
Truth and Friction: Memoirs and Personal Essays(EGL 271 W)
Poetic Invention, or, What Strange World Is This? (EGL 103 W)
Writing for Television: The Basics (EGL 276 W)
In-Depth Feature Writing (EGL 279 W)


Alex said...

I took one of these last time favorite of all the online writing workshops I've "attended."

Linked Stories is looking pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I'll have to take one next year (if I don't get into the MFA this time around...).

Anonymous said...

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Hary said...

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