Monday, November 16, 2009

Click Happy

There's a handy list of MFA related links if you click on "MFA Resource Database" over there: ==>

And I have also just compiled another set of links -- some funny, some scary, some just plain useful -- on the links page of my website.

Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.


Pet & Gone said...


and none of seth's stuff is there, which is fine.

Did anyone save the response dates though? Or can they be found elsewhere? That'd be really helpful into.

Sequoia N said...

Most of Seth's stuff is still available - click "cache" under your google search result.

Christopher James said...

google cache is nuts

i never knew the internet worked like that

i feel glad that stuff is 'still there'

Pet & Gone said...

thanks dude

Nancy Rawlinson said...

I have just added this article by Hilma Wolitzer, about writing workshops.

Victoria said...

Hey guys,

I was e-mailing with author Alexander Chee about MFA programs and he answered my question on his blog. I thought his answer could be helpful for others here. His blog:


Open Spaces said...

Does anybody know of MFA programs that do not require letters of recommendation. I am a law school graduate who has been out of school for a while and getting letters of recommendation is a bit difficult. I know plenty of people will say "oh just get the letters from . . . " - but for the sake of argument, let's just say that's not an option. Any schools out there that do not require them? Thanks! And sorry for the annoying question.

Andrew McSorley said...

Open Spaces -

The only program I know of that does not require recommendations (and actually has good funding) would be McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA. Their application process is that you e-mail a writing sample and a personal statement. They don't want any of the other dreadful application materials until they've seen your work and know that they like it. Without doing any extensive research, that's the only program that jumps to mind.

Good luck!

Ben McClendon said...

Open Spaces -

I'm in a similar situation, but I'm in teaching rather than law. I got recommmendations from my principal, instructional coach, and a veteran colleague after emailing a few programs to ask about the relevance of recommendations when one has been away from school. I was told that for people in such situations, getting letters from your place of employment that speak to your intellectual ability and work ethic serves the committees' purposes just fine. They mostly seem to want to make sure you aren't a pedophile who lives in a fortress you made of rusty car parts while tending to the needs of 93 feral cats. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wichita State University does not require recommendations, but if you want to apply for a TAship you will need to submit three.

Also, I'm pretty sure that McNeese requires letters down the line when you apply to the actual graduate school.
A few schools only require two, but if you really don't have ANY, that doesn't help much.