Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get the CW MFA in Hong Kong

This made some of us do double takes when we initially heard about it. Do you want to get a low-residency CW MFA in China? The City University of Hong Kong has a new program. Be warned that students will need to travel. We don't know how they'll get any writing done as "unofficial" tourists in a big Asian metropolis.


Mostly Swell said...

I tried to "google" that program in China. It was blocked. (:

Sandra M. Yee said...

Thank you for posting this. I thought I was almost done with the application marathon, but here's one more. Hong Kong, wow. Maybe I can even relearn my mother tongue while I'm at it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hobo...that's why students should speak to the faculty of the program (the University should have some life to it)for guidance and mentoring...a person can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.

Wanda L said...

I have a question about low residency programs. I was recently accepted by Vermont College of Fine Arts in Fiction, but I haven't heard from Warren Wilson yet. What's the word on the street about the pros and cons of these two programs for fiction? Thanks in advance!

Trilbe said...

@Wanda L - You should scan through the Low-Res thread on the Poets & Writers Speakeasy:


If you post your questions there, you should receive plenty of feedback!

Pema D said...

the faculty for this MFA program in hong kong looks AWESOME!
i have lived in hong kong during various periods of my life (my mom is from there), and i think it would be a really cool place to go to school. if anybody's considering it and wants to know more about hk, i'd be happy to try and answer any questions about living there.
and ps, bc it was for so long a british colony, in a lot of ways hong kong is very different from china (much more cosmopolitan, liberal, bilingual (lots more english speaking, signs, etc), and amazing subway and transportation system)

x said...
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Xu Xi said...

Hi thanks for posting the information about our program at CityU of Hong Kong. I'm the writer-in- residence and program leader and will be glad to answer any questions about us. Email mfawriting@cityu.edu.hk or write me directly at xuxi@xuxiwriter.com. Our website is http://www.english.cityu.edu.hk/mfa

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If you post your questions there, you should receive plenty of feedback!

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Sandy Rose said...

This looks really interesting. How does it to compare to programs in the US?