Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chamber Four Looking for Submissions


ChamberFour.com seeks submissions for the inaugural issue of its online/ebook magazine, C4.

For Issue #1, we’re looking for:

--> fiction (short stories, flash fiction)
--> non-fiction (personal essays, memoir excerpts, travel writing)
--> poetry (traditional, experimental)
--> digital visual art

Accepted writing will be published on ChamberFour.com, and collected in an ebook, probably by January. (We can’t pay you, but we’ll mail you an awesome can koozie, which is better than money.)

Find full guidelines at ChamberFour.com/submit, and check out the anthology we recently published to get an idea of our publishing process---it’s at ChamberFour.com/anthology.

Send submissions to submissions@chamberfour.com or find us on Submishmash at chamberfour.submishmash.com/submit. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, but priority for the first issue will be given to those received by December 1, 2010


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