Thursday, October 07, 2010

Workshop for NYC-based Writers!

I thought the NYC-based amongst you might want to know about a workshop I am running, which starts next Tuesday, October 12. I just had someone pull out at the last minute, so I have one spot open. The workshop is a great place to hone your MFA manuscript! There's a pretty high standard -- the group includes one MFA grad and two agented writers. Check out my website for more info, and if you are interested, shoot me an email with any questions!


julienotjulia said...

This sounds fantastic! But $500 is a bit steep for NYC-based writers who are already preparing to cough up between $500 and $800 (more?) for application costs soon. Any scholarship opportunities? ;)

Nancy Rawlinson said...

I wish I could offer scholarships, Julie. The class isn't targeted at MFA applicants per se, though it is a good manuscript tune-up opportunity. I know the whole process is pricey, but a good workshop can be totally worth it, in my opinion, and have benefits over the long term. I try and keep my prices competitive with other NYC classes.