Thursday, January 06, 2011

TSE MFA Data and Rankings Now Live (Again)

The rankings and data formerly on The Suburban Ecstasies are now once again live (scroll down on the right-hand sidebar). The rankings and data can also be located via the sidebar on this site.


Staci R. Schoenfeld said...

yay! something new to obsess about! awesome :)

Staci R. Schoenfeld said...

these rankings are giving me some measure of belief that i chose the right schools:

- all 20 programs i applied to are in the top 42 of funding (16 fund all students/4 fund 75%+).

- all 20 programs are at least in the top 75 in poetry. 10 are in the top 20. 16 are in the top 50.

- in terms of selectivity, 9 are more selective than harvard med. (okay, yikes.) 14 are in the top 50. 4 are listed on seth's rsn selectivity % sheet. 2 don't seem to be listed at all.

- in terms of number of applications, 6 are in the top 20, 15 are in the top 50, 17 are in the top 78, and three are not listed.

oh statistics that mean nothing at this stage of the game because i've already applied everywhere i'm going to: you give me hope. :)

Almond Punch said...

I like the threading of Harvard acceptance rates in the selectivity rankings. Admission to an M.F.A. is so hard-won.

Everybody, save these for next year before they get taken down again!

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