Saturday, April 01, 2006

Anyone Wish to Comment about Online MFAs?

Somewhat Stymied in Germany asks about the Online MFAs at Warnborough University and National University. I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to his questions, but I can post them here and hope that someone will:

(1) Is there a lot of skepticism about these online programs amongst other MFA program faculty and students? If there is such skepticism, please comment about how low-residency MFA programs were viewed back when there were few or none of them around.

(2) Did the low-res programs go through an evolution during which they were viewed skeptically, then as more pioneering, then as simply another option for those who needed more options?


Alyssa Brown said...

Hi MFA Bloggers:

I noticed that the University of Texas El-Paso also offers an online MFA degree, but it won't be operating a full capacity until Spring 2009.

I know this post is very old (it's from 2006), but since it has no comments, I was wondering if anyone has developed any opinions/reviews regarding online MFAs as opposed to low-res MFAs.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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