Sunday, April 02, 2006

Top NonFiction Programs

Sanguine in San Francisco asks about Nonfiction programs:

From what I gather strong nonfiction programs include:
Iowa, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Sarah Lawrence
(but expensive), Columbia (but expensive), Ohio State
University, Wilmington, Minnesota, Emerson (but I know
Emerson has problems). Are there other schools you
would add to this list? I also applied to Hollins and
Notre Dame but it doesn't seem like they're
particularly strong in nonfiction....

SiSF, I'd also look at George Mason, Utah, UC-Davis, and Eastern Washington. I've listed all the genres by each school at the back of the MFA book.

If anyone would like to add a program to this post's list, or comment on one of these programs, go for it. Good luck, SiSF.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it, there is no non-fiction 'program' at UC Davis. Just non-fiction classes for the poetry or fiction students.

Julie DuRose said...

Hey! I was just gonna say that.

I would also look at American University and your local University of San Francisco.

And yeah, Hollins takes 12 students in FIVE genres; so not particularly strong in any genre, if you ask me.

rz said...

Same for Utah. No non-fiction program there!

Luke Johnson said...

Hollins takes 12 students total, with little consideration given to how many per genre. In past years, there have generally been 4 poets per year, 6 fiction writers, and 2 creative non-fiction folk.

f said...

can any one recommend any good programs in the UK or Europe (but in English)?