Monday, May 01, 2006

Nonfiction Programs

Madhatter in Montana writes in...

I've seen a number of questions about dabbling in both poetry and fiction in graduate school, but what about fiction and non-fiction? Would I be better off turning in two applications to a school that offers both programs or turning in one application and if I get in expressing my interest in studying both genres? I know it would depend on the school, but have you heard cases of people completing double MFAs, two thesis or a combined thesis? Or would I be better served turning in six applications for fiction and six for non-fiction (all at different schools) and just seeing what happens? Not all schools offer both, though, so I'd have to narrow my list. Any advice would be appreciated.

MiM, that's a lot of questions. My main advice is the obvious advice: Send the writing samples that you think are the strongest and which are in the genre you are most excited about. The strongest sample will best serve you.

While your various options sound interesting, I fear that you're outthinking yourself a little. Some programs I'd keep an eye on are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Cal-Davis, U of San Francisco, Boise State, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, UNC-Wilmington, Pittsburgh, and George Mason.

I'd appreciate thoughts from other readers. Thanks.

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