Monday, June 26, 2006

A Pitch for Bowling Green

Rebecca Meacham says some nice things about our blog, then adds this question and insights...

I wonder why, when questions are asked about Midwestern MFAs/Studio MFAs/programs with lots of workshops, Bowling Green State University isn't on your "recommended" list? (or perhaps I've missed it? If so, forgive me.)

The pitch: My alma mater has an impressive list of alumni both old school and new school, including Carolyn Forche, Tony Ardizzone, Scott Cairns, Jim Daniels, Anthony Doerr, June Spence, and Mark Brazaitis, among others. MFA students are encouraged to work on _Mid-American Review_, an amazing journal that regularly publishes high-caliber writers, and they take 16-19 hours (out of 40) of workshops. A great number of visiting writers drop by each year, and there's an MFA student reading series, too. It's a studio-based program, admittedly, but offers it candidates good structure, excellent teaching experience and mentorship, and ample funding through assistantships and prize fellowships.

About the program:

Books by grads:

Just thought I'd give my old Falcons a plug. Again, thanks for producing (and so consistently maintaining!) such a fantastic blog.

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