Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Media Writing / Writing for New Technologies

Awakened in Arkansas restarts our conversation about New Media Writing:

I love workshop environments and fiction writing and I think I could knock it in an MFA program. But I'm also really interested in the Writing for New Technologies scene (working with hypertext and other new media, etc.). In a perfect world, I'd want both. How regularly are new-tech-esque classes offered in MFA programs -- is it a pretty standard deal or a rare offering or somewhere in the middle, or do they just squint their eyes funny at you when you mention this sort of thing?


AiA, Writing for New Technologies (which is often referred to as "New Media Writing") is growing, and I think more MFA programs will add them soon. By "more" I mean one or two programs a year, and likely just a few spots each. I find this genre very intriguing, and Adam Johnson and I will be teaching a New Media undergraduate class at Stanford in the Winter. I'll link to our site in January when it goes up.

Right now, there are only three programs that I'm aware of, but I don't claim to be all-knowing. I spoke with Jason Boog on The Publishing Spot a few months back about this genre. You can find links to the programs there.

In answer to your question: these offerings are rare. I'd appreciate any insights or links that our readers can provide. Thanks.

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Nita said...

Hi, I'm Nita from India. I've been surfing the Internet for information about courses in New Media Writing, when a link took me to your blog. I'm glad it did! I would be interested to know what you think of New Media Writing courses in other parts of the world. I know De Montford University in the UK has a PGDip in New Media Publishing and an online Masters program in Creative Writing and New Media. Thank you.