Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mailbag for Monday, August 20

Got a question about MFA's or a topic you'd like to bring up?

Add it to the Comments section of this post so that other people can address it.

Thanks! :)


Lincoln Michel said...

I was planning on making this tonight. Glad someone beat me to the punch. Seems like this blog could really use some reader generated thread topics.

zooeyincharge said...

i would really love to see a 'tips on reapplying' thread. often times they say you can reapply in the next year or so with solely a new writing sample. given the fact that admissions people are too busy to tell you what was wrong with the first writing sample(which i understand is 98% or so of one's admission)it would be great to have any kind of advice on reapplying. i will admit i am so nervous about it. also, a 'how an mfa can help you professionally' thread i'd appreciate, and a 'ma in literature or an mfa?' thanks.

Ryan said...

For a Phd in fiction, does anyone know the acceptance rates for these programs?

University of Georgia
Georgia State University
University of Denver
University of Houston
University of Utah
Florida State
University of Southern California

Any insider info. on applying to these programs?


Babelle said...

How about approaches to the statement of purpose? I know you shouldn't talk about your childhood love of books, but I'm having a hard time coming up with concrete things to say. One of my mentors said think about your influences, think about formative events, think about what you want to accomplish, but I think I'm seriously psyching myself out on this one. Any other tips?

Unknown said...

I agree with the previous poster...I would love to hear more about the personal statement; I'm trying to write mine now and I'd like to know that I'm on the "right track."

Nxt 1 said...

regarding the SOP ... well, I'm not a contributor, but here's a link to a Univ of Northern Iowa article that could help you get rolling.

This article both helped me and didn't help me at all, which, when I think about it, makes a lot of sense, because the SOP should be entirely unique and personal. Don't think of the suggested format as the Correct format -- there is no correct format and, from experience, my statement (which helped me get in) was much different.

Amanda said...

I would really love to know where I could read samples of current MFA students' work.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have a BA in CW and have thought about the MFA next. But, I am torn between that and doing some in-depth literature studies to provide a better foundation. Does anyone have an opinion/advice on studying literature (and if so where) prior to pursuing a MFA?

Second question: any thoughts on St. Andrews University's writing program?

thanks, jmw

Jim Malec said...

I think I missed the cut-off for asking a question, but I couldn't find another "contact" link, so hopefully someone will see this and respond next time.

I'm applying for Fall '08 (Fiction), and almost all the rankings/data that I've seen related to the "best" or the "top" programs.

That information is excellent, and helpful, and I am applying to 6-8 of the usual suspects.

But what about safeties? What are the best of the rest? The high-quality programs with higher acceptance rates.

Sure, it's true that the program is what we make it...but the question is still valid, I think.

Any ideas or recommendations?

Karissa Chen said...

i have a question about recommendations. obviously, for the first two, i'll be using teachers in workshops/classes i've enrolled in who are familiar with my work and believe i have potential. but regarding the third... you mentioned in the book that we should include someone who can speak to what we've done with our years between undergrad and now, and i wanted to get more clarification on that. i've worked straight out of college for 3 years at a PR agency. part of my job description includes writing press releases and materials and such, so they know i'm a good writer (if not in a creative capacity). my question is, should i be using my 3rd rec from a supervisor at work? and what should they be speaking to? is it more of an overall work ethic/perseverance/intelligence sort of thing? or do you think since i didn't work in a "publishing/writing" sort of field, i should just include a third teacher rec from a class i've taken? thanks!!!

Idol Tribe Jumble said...

UNLV: If you are a mature writer/student who already has a clear view of the kind of writer you want to be and the kind of career you wish to carve out for yourself this is a good place to come. Success here requires self-motivation, maturity and an overly developed sense of independence. I have loved the freedom here and this program has served me well.

But if you are seeking mentors, advisers who have the time and energy to guide you and actively help you to develop your talents. If you want a more structured program you should look somewhere else. Further the curriculum is very stodgy and limited.