Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Structure Proposal

Hmm... I agree that the blog's organization fell apart when it went from being just Tom's blog to one with multiple contributors. But I think the organization could be brought back fairly easily if we returned to the way he used to set things up.

Remember that this was a Q & A blog. People would send him their questions about MFA's by e-mail, and he would put each question/issue up as a separate post that contained his answer to it. Others could enter the discussion via the "Comments" section.

What if one of us contributors created a post every Monday titled "Mailbag for the week of August 20" [or whatever Monday it was]. Visitors to the blog could ask their questions in the comments section of that post. Then, throughout that week, contributors would check that week's "Mailbag" and if a contributor found a question/issue that he or she felt sufficiently qualified to address, then a NEW post could be created with it as the title and the contributor's advice in the body of the post. And, as before, other contributors'/visitors' advice could appear as comments.

Would others think this would be a good way to function? What about contributor-devised topics... should we have those going on too, or just answers to visitors' questions? Either way, I think someone should create a mailbag every Monday, so I'm creating one in the next post.


noCategories said...

Check out the way that a blog like Life Hacker has addressed similar growing pains. Here there are multiple topics, multiple authors, and even several types of entries. You may be able to learn something from their example.

Lizzy said...

Thank you, dylan :0)

aliyaa said...

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